Club History
Club History
Ohope Golf Club inaugural meeting was held in February 1972. For the next three years 30-40 members fundraised and cleared the land by hand or with whatever machinery they could beg, steal or borrow. Very little golf was played as the members spent their weekends at the golf club working!
The Ohope International Golf Club was officially opened on April 13 1975 with a membership of 68, the course a very rough 9 holes and the clubhouse a small cottage. By 1985 the club had 250 members and the new club house was built mostly by members providing hours of labour and donating supplies and services. The following year on the club’s 15th birthday the full 18 holes had been developed.
Today’s members owe a huge debt of gratitude to those early members for the wonderful course we enjoy. The course is now of such a high standard that in 2017, 45 years later the NZ Seniors tournament was held here.
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