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Course Descriptive
Ohope Course Descriptive off the Blue Tees through the course hole by hole
from the perspective of myself, Craig Purdy, an 8 handicapper
1st Hole
270 metre, Par 4 Stroke 13,
You need to get a straight tee shot away, not that long, possibly a hybrid
or 3 wood. The second shot is the money shot, the green is approx 30mtrs
deep, the front third severely sloping back towards you, carry this portion
and your ball will not roll back to the front collection point, over the
green is not a good look either, severely sloping away from the green, once
you are on the green good luck, slopes from back to front, left to right.
2nd Hole
180 metre, Par 3 Stroke 11
Great par three, hard to hit a pure 4 or 3 iron this early in the round,
large pot bunker on the right of the green 20 metres short though, so if you
carry this you should be on the green, watch out for the little pot bunker
left of green, great to catch that short draw ball, green approx 20 deep by
30 wide sloping left to right, happy putting.
3rd Hole
349 metre, Par 3 Stroke 1
Tough hole, if the prevailing wind is blowing, NW, it will be coming at you
from about 2 o'clock, a good drive will leave you any where from 160 to 100
metres in, to an elevated green, be sure to take an extra club, severe drop
offs both right and left sides of the green. The green is approx 30 deep by
20 wide with a small tier in the middle, some great borrows in this green so
take your time reading your putt. Hey if the golf is already turning to
custard, don't worry just turn around and take in the view.
4th Hole
204 metre, Par 3 Stroke 9
Not as daunting as the numbers are, 30 meter drop in elevation to the green,
out of bounds down the right, two greenside bunkers on the left, strike a
good 3 iron/ 3 wood and you are there, the green is approx 40 deep and 15
wide, 2 tiers sloping right to left, tip for putting, be on the right tier.
5th Hole
461 metre, Par 5 Stroke 15
A birdie hole at last, a slight draw off the tee is good carry the mound and
kick on, be accurate though, 2 pot bunkers on the left of fairway at 240mtrs
from tee, 1 little pot and 1 huge bunker on the right at 230 meters to catch
the straight shot or little cut. The second shot is where you can get to the
green all things being equal, be aware of the bunkers either side of the
green and the out of bounds on the right, once on the green easy flat green,
no excuses!!
6th Hole
299 metre, Par 3 Stroke 17
Slight dog leg right, out of bounds on right, ball has been known to land in
the harbour!!, placement off the tee is paramount, check out where the pin
is and play left or right accordingly, look out for the big pine tree,
you'll see it. There is a large pot bunker in the front right, big
collection area so make sure you carry all the way to the green. There is a
second bunker behind the first just in case you missed the first.
Magnificently sloping green, read your putt well!!!
7th Hole
371mtr, Par 4 Stroke 3
Probably the hardest hole on the course, the drive is the easy part, just
get it down there long and straight. What are you left with, depending on
the strength of the wind, anything from a lay up (did I mention the pond in
front of the green) to a good 3 wood or a wedge, the pond finishes about 20
meters short of the green so there is a little room for a miss, once on the
green, again some serious undulations, good luck!
8th Hole
500mtr, Par 5 Stroke 5
Doesn't play as hard as the stroke says, a straight drive leaves you an
uphill lie for the second, slightly blind second but straight again is good,
the third is the money shot, pot bunkers left and right front and right
back, the right front is the deepest and a good test, relatively flat green
approx 35mtrs deep and 20 wide, par or birdie should be had.
9th Hole
347mtr, Par 4 Stroke 7
Normally into the wind with a whole lot of trouble right, a deep blue tee
allows the green staff to stretch this hole out, get your drive out down the
right side of the fairway to allow a better line into the green. Club choice
is from a 3 wood to a wedge depending on the strength of the wind. The green
is 40mtr deep 15 wide massive slope left to right, gauge your length well in
your approach or you will have a very strong chance of a three putt, if you
miss the green short or to the right is ok, left is dead.
Halfway, if you have scored 40 or less you've done, well keep it up, you've
done the hard side!!
10th Hole
324mtr, Par 4 Stroke 12
Hard dogleg left, internal out off bounds down the left of the fairway. The
drive is to be long enough to open the green or else pus the drive further
right to suit, a straight drive of 220 metres will do the job. The second is
a pretty straight forward shot, bearing in mind all the uneven stances that
a links course can provide. The green is one of the flattest approx 30
metres by 30 metres.
11th Hole
113mtr, Par 3 Stroke 18
The easiest hole on the course, yeah right! A large 2 tier green of approx
35 metres deep by 20mtrs wide, be on the right level or there's a good
chance of a three putt. Two bunkers left and one right keeps you straight,
if you spin the ball watch out on the bottom tier, you will end up off the
front, like I say the easiest hole on the course!!
12th Hole
346mtr, Par 4 Stroke 2
If you can carry your drive 210 or more this is a birdie hole, aiming just
left of the pine tree you will get a great result leaving a wedge in, if you
don't carry 210 you will be stopped by a large ridge and have approx 160 in.
The green is our smallest approx 20 by 20 with a false front of about 5
metres, long is good, simple putting good luck for your birdie!!
13th Hole
168mtr, Par 3 Stroke 14
Great par 3 off the Blue tee, must carry 100 mtrs or you will lose your
ball, bunker left and right.
The green is approx 40mtrs deep and 15 wide, carry it all the way and
relatively straight forward, left of green is dead, good luck!
Straight forward putting, harder than its 14 stroke index.
14th Hole
478mtrs, Par 5 Stroke 4
Recently nominated as one of the top most 100 picturesce hole in New
Zealand. Real links hole, all undulations including the green!
A good drive down the left of the fairway will set the hole up, your second
should left approx a wedge left, the rough down here is particularly
punishing, keep it straight.
The green is approx 50mtrs deep 25 wide huge tier towards the back with lots
of subtle breaks, take some time to read your putt or you could be made to
look awfully silly! There is a large pot bunker on the back right corner to
catch the long ball.
15th Hole
468mtrs, Par 5 Stroke 6
Plays longer than the 14th, mainly due to the wind direction, keep it on the
fairway all the way down, it's a lot easier. If you are a cutter of the ball
off the tee, scary, we think there is still some unknown animals out there!!
The fairway shapes off to the right for the second shot, follow it, the
rough is punishing. The third shot, less than 100mtrs, needs to be accurate.
The green approx 35mtrs by 20 mtrs slope left to right with a big collection
area right that gets used a lot. Straight forward putting, two 5,s here sets
up a good back nine.
16th Hole
285mtr, Par 4 Stroke 16
A true risk and reward hole,
Severe dogleg right, put it straight down 180 leaves you 100 in, if you are
confident you can have a go across the corner, be aware the trees catch a
lot! The green is our most undulating, approx 25 mtrs by 25 make sure you
leave yourself an up hill putt. This hole has ruined many a good round!
17th Hole
155mtr, Par 3 Stroke 10
The elevated green gets most people the first time around, it is approx 10
mtrs above the tee therefore changing club selection dramatically, if you
don't land on the green it will run back at least 10 mtrs. The green is
approx 20mtrs deep by 30 wide, small tier at the back, on the green and you
should bag a par.
If you are an early or dusk golfer keep an eye out for the pure white
pheasant, she lives up to the left of the 17th!
18th Hole
336mtr, Par 4 Stroke 8
Nearly there, take the time to enjoy the view, all the way from the East
Cape, Whit Island, Whale Island and the whole of Ohope Beach, orcas have
been known to be seen from here feeding on stingrays in the surf!!
An awesome looking hole, if you get a straight drive away approx 220 you
will carry the ridge and have less than 100 in, if you don't the hole gets a
whole lot tougher approx 160 left to a target green. The green is approx
30mtrs deep 20 wide sloping from the back to front with a tier towards the
back. The drop offs left, right and front are severe so make sure your aim
is good. If you can give yourself an uphill putt, makes the beer taste
Well done I hope you have enjoyed your round and if you have played to or
better than your handicap you should be very satisfied, a tough track the
first couple of times.